Research Projects

1.  NCN (National Science Centre) POLONEZ BIS 3 competition for the implementation of the research project entitled

„Study of the regenerative potential of Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous teeth (SHED) in Alzheimer’s disease”.

The Principal Investigator of this project Leila Elyasi, PhD (Golestan University of Medical Sciences, Iran) will carry the project at MMRI PAS under the supervision of Michalina Wężyk, PhD from the Department of Neurogenetics and Functional Genomics of our Institute.

Coming soon…


2. JPco-fuND2 project no. 2021/03/Y/NZ5/00112, entitled “Pre-symptomatic synaptic disorders in Alzheimer’s disease”, acronym: „PRESSAD”

Project consortium:
France, Prof. Christophe Mulle – University of Bordeaux – Major Coordinator
Holland, Dr. Matthijs Verhage – CNCR/Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam
Hungary, Dr. Gabor Tamas – University of Szeged
Poland, Dr. Michalina Wężyk – Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences
Sweden, Prof. Ann Brinkmalm – Univeristy of Gothenburg

PreSSAD project aims at addressing presymptomatic synaptic deficits in preclinical AD cohorts to human synaptic biology with the use of innovative human biological samples: 1) iPSCs-derived human neurons with altered expression of presynaptic proteins (e.g. called SNARE proteins) in mouse neocortex, 2) human iPSCs-derived cerebral organoids and 3) organotypic cortical cultures obtained from human surgical resections.